Whatever YOUR requirement is in the field of Printing or Packaging, we have a solution for it

Our Products & Services

Through our cooperation with CellMark and our long existing contacts with global Forest Industry leaders, we have access to a wide range of sustainable fiber based products.

Publications Papers

Hundreds of specification variety’s available.

Standard and Hibrite Newsprint. Bulky book papers. SC, LWC, MWC and WFC Offset, and Rotogravure grades.


Printing & Office Papers

Woodfree Uncoated and Coated Papers. Copier and Pre-print papers

Tissue (Jumbo Reels)

Tissue jumbo reels for hygienic products.

Our partners Tissue grades are widely used in kitchen, toilet, napkin etc.

Box Board Grades

Boxboard is used for smaller boxes in the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and consumer goods sectors, where the strength of a corrugated box is not needed.  Other uses for boxboard are for paper cups and plates, food service trays and packages.

Available varieties include: Folding Box Board, Solid Bleached Sulphate Box Board, Cup Stock, Food Services Boards.

Label Grades

We supply Self-Adhesive Label stock as well as Face Paper C1S, Glassine and Release papers, as well as Metallized label grades for beverage industry.

Expert Team | Experienced Professionals

Our Anika MENA team in Dubai consists of individuals with over  30 years of  experience in global paper business, as well as young and hungry pioneers eager to turn every stone to find a solution for your requirements. We are a globally thinking, multicultural team, bridging the East and West with best practices, and sustainable mindset.

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